Levels To Expect Soon

These are just some of the levels to be on the lookout for in the future:

— Wicked Factory by RandyR777 (Medium Demon)

— Extreme Challenge C by RandyR777 (Easy)

— D A R K N E S S by RandyR777 (Auto Extreme Demon)

— Retro Themed¬†Level by RandyR777 (Unknown)

— Very Difficult Level by RandyR777 (Unknown)

These are some levels I would also like to make a reboot of in the future:

— H3LL (Buffed Version) by RandyR777 (Medium or Hard Demon)

— Stereo Madness (Buffed Version) by RobTop (Normal or Hard)

— Back on Track (Redecorated Original Buffed Version) by RobTop (Insane)

— Back on Track (Redecorated Original Unedited Version) by RobTop (Harder)

— Back on Track (Redecorated Original Nerfed Version) by RobTop (Hard)

— H3LL (Redecorated Unedited Version) by RandyR777 (Easy Demon)

— Conical Depression (Redecorated Nerfed Version) by KrazyMan50 (Hard)