Top 100 Fastest EDM Songs

WARNING: Some of these songs may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

Keep in mind that this list took me a week to make.

  1. Crooked Smiles by Murriosity (25,056,000BPM)
  2. Wasteland by Aeswa (500,000BPM)
  3. HOW’S THAT, AESWA? by Murriosity (200,448BPM)
  4. Orezorezorezorezowteno by Thycket (120,000BPM)
  5. Killer by Aeswa (100,000BPM)
  6. The Side of the Dark by Diabarha (50,000BPM)
  7. GODS by Murriosity (32,000BPM)
  8. You Can’t Hide by Hylna (29,760BPM)
  9. Push It Somewhere Else by Murriosity (20,000BPM)
  10. Sailor of Extratone by Аутумн лeавес (14,400BPM)
  11. The Speed of Tapping Unconsciously by Kobaryo (12,345BPM)
  12. ONE INSANITY by Diabarha (10,000BPM)
  13. Serpentone by Murriosity (10,000BPM)
  14. Ring Around the Rosie by Z World (9,600BPM)
  15. Ultimate Guitar Song by Randy Randomson (8,000BPM)
  16. Autism by Diabarha (6,500BPM)
  17. Surreal Speeds by Aeswa (5,880BPM)
  18. Crazy Beauties (Randy Randomson Mix) by Diabarha (4,800BPM)
  19. Shock by Diabarha (4,000BPM)
  20. Illegal Acid by Einrich (3,600BPM)
  21. Cold Pizza (Randy Randomson Mix) by m1dy (2,880BPM)
  22. Uranoid by Diabarha (2,560BPM)
  23. 1920s Hearing Aid by Murriosity (2,400BPM)
  24. Xtranova by Aerial (2,000BPM)
  25. 2000BPM by Mr Marten (2,000BPM)
  26. System Failure by Diabarha (1,800BPM)
  27. Triple Corpuse Extratone by Skru Ishi Kavva (1,600BPM)
  28. Ritual by Aeswa (1,520BPM)
  29. Genocide by Diabarha (1,250BPM)
  30. My idea is everyone sucks by Hylna (1,111BPM)
  31. 1000BPM by Pyrrhon (1,000BPM)
  32. Thousand by Moby (1,000BPM)
  33. Extratone in a Perfect World by Annoying Ringtone (1,000BPM)
  34. The World of LSD User by Kurwastyle Project (1,000BPM)
  35. Extratone Pirates by Annoying Ringtone (1,000BPM)
  36. KINZOK ON by TwistedLove (1,000BPM)
  37. Sayo-Nara (Randy Randomson Mix) by Team Salvato (992BPM)
  38. 959BPM by m1dy (959BPM)
  39. The Asylum by Diabarha (940BPM)
  40. The Mirror by Diabarha (920BPM)
  41. Manic Killer by Diabarha (900BPM)
  42. Don’t Move by Aeswa (900BPM)
  43. Orezeninthgie by Thycket (890BPM)
  44. The Assault by Aeswa (880BPM)
  45. 40s Splittercore by Diabarha (860BPM)
  46. The Harsh Sound by Aeswa (840BPM)
  47. Splitting Noise by Noise Spammer (840BPM)
  48. Paranoid by Diabarha (820BPM)
  49. FUCKED TO DEATH by Hylna (800BPM)
  50. Hotel Hellfornia by m1dy (800BPM)
  51. Chipsplitter by Pyro (790BPM)
  52. The Big Black (J.A.H. Remix) by The Quick Brown Fox (740BPM)
  53. No_War by doLL (720BPM)
  54. Tell Me Why Speedcore is So Awesome by m1dlet (700BPM)
  55. Dead Zone by Diabarha (700BPM)
  56. Born Slippy by Freethinker (680BPM)
  57. Satan Dementia by Diabarha (666BPM)
  58. Galaxy Collapse by Kurokotei (600BPM)
  59. YITRAUQ UNKRAA by Murriosity (600BPM)
  60. Crazy Beauties by Diabarha (600BPM)
  61. Bloody Rampage by Aeswa (600BPM)
  62. Sequenced by Murriosity (580BPM)
  63. Ghost by Aeswa (560BPM)
  64. Animosity by Hylna (500BPM)
  65. Insomnia Speedcore by Deterrent Man (500BPM)
  66. A Cat Is Fine Too by Murriosity (500BPM)
  67. I Run by Brendi (500BPM)
  68. Terror Tunnel by Tripcore (480BPM)
  69. Speedcore Wonderland by Diabarha (476BPM)
  70. Devil Instinct by Plankton (450BPM)
  71. Schizophrenia Inferno by Diabarha (440BPM)
  72. Messy Techno Music in F Sharp Minor by Randy Randomson (400BPM)
  73. Here We Go by m1dy (380BPM)
  74. Cold Pizza by m1dy (360BPM)
  75. UDON CLUB by B45H (300BPM)
  76. Hope Again by Deadkiller (300BPM)
  77. Scream by Terror Slammer (300BPM)
  78. On The Run by Dissoactive (300BPM)
  79. Absolute Terror by Aeswa (280BPM)
  80. Hand That Feeds (280BPM Edit) by Frazzbass (280BPM)
  81. End of Dream by Movi’tek (260BPM)
  82. Lesson From Grandpa by Drokz (250BPM)
  83. Never Stop Speedcore by ?? (240BPM)
  84. Freedom Dive by XI (222BPM)
  85. Out of Time by Kopophobia (220BPM)
  86. Feral by Aeswa (220BPM)
  87. Terror Tourette by Dr CoZmo (220BPM)
  88. God (210BPM Pitch) by PinRaver (210BPM)
  89. Trip to Ireland by Dr Peacock (200BPM)
  90. 37 Dicks by m1dy (200BPM)
  91. Flowing River by Sefa (200BPM)
  92. Bitch Punch by DJNATE (200BPM)
  93. Tails Swinging by Hylna (200BPM)
  94. Frenchcore S’il Vous Plait Part III by The Braindrillerz (195BPM)
  95. Now You’re Gone (DJ Slippy Remix) by Basshunter (190BPM)
  96. Fucked Her at Thunderdome by The Violator (190BPM)
  97. Trip to Turkey (Fant4stik Remix) by Dr Peacock (180BPM)
  98. Hentai by S3rl (175BPM)
  99. Street Fighter by Angerfist (175BPM)
  100. Pure Silence by Dustrict (170BPM)