Swirling Vortex II is in verification

As the title suggests, I’ve finished building Swirling Vortex II and sent it over to GGhosalGaming to verify. The level was originally meant to be a top 30 extreme demon with coins, but GGhosal has already had to nerf one of the spider sections to make it more humanly possible. The coins are meant to be challenging too, where you’ll have to even go as far as take a whole alternate route just to get it, mixed with pure timing. The only problem is that I had sent it over to him without playtesting it myself, so GGhosal’s going to probably be faced with plenty of bugs.

When the level is verified, I’m going to also post his verification video onto my channel along with a review of the coins (which he is going to give based on his opinion of them). I personally tried making them interesting to obtain and not just make it totally boring and free.