Randy News Ep2: May 2017

Top story: Knobbelboy has just damaged himself even further. About 9 months after first making progress on Bloodlust, the Geometry Dash legend crashed at 97% on the level. Then, just ten minutes later, Knobbelboy crashed at 98 percent, making both the worst 2 fails in GD history.

More news: The trending section has been broken because of likebotters and hackers.

Reviewing Demon Levels

So I went to this site and looked at some of the demon levels on it. Seemed interesting. What I did was play some of the levels:

— Ice Cave is a 1 on the list. Seems easy? No. RobTop has it listed at medium demon. I got 41 attempts on a practice run. I disagree with the list as I would call it more of a 2 or 3.

— The Lightning Road is a pretty annoying but easy demon which I got 11 attempts on in practice. I agree with the list.

Well, fml.

— GW Russia is a very hard medium demon which I got 60 attempts on in practice. I disagree with the list as I say it would be just higher up.

Moar Newz


  • Malachi Batty, also known as DonutCopper on Geometry Dash, passed away last month from his injuries. He was struck by a truck on March 10th while waiting for his bus on Redwood Avenue. The collision¬†left the 15-year-old in a critical state and he could not make it. The driver of the truck was Christopher Faibish, who was found to have heroin possession, although he denies being on it at the time of the accident. Batty was taken to Three Rivers hospital in his home state of Oregon. His last video posted on YouTube is of a level called “Buffed Madness”.
  • I just beat Sonic Wave in nearly 1200 attempts on practice mode while live streaming on Twitch on April 15th.
    • Also I got OBS so I can live stream now.
  • Today I beat Acropolis, Forsaken Neon, and Xstep V2 in practice mode.