Planned GD Megacollab

Song: Call on Me by Eric Prydz

Rating: Easy or Medium Demon

Levels password must be 909090

The parts are as followed:

0:00 to 0:15: [open]

0:15 to 0:31: [open]

0:31 to 0:46: Me (RandyR)

0:46 to 1:01: [open]

1:01 to 1:16: [open]

1:16 to 1:31: [open]

1:31 to 1:39: [open]

1:39 to 1:54: [open]

1:54 to 2:09: [open]

2:09 to 2:24: [open]

2:24 to 2:40: [open]

To enter you must DM me on Discord what part you want, what your GDPS username is, and your normal GD username.

2.11 and 2.2 Info

“High detail mode is 100% complete. I have it enabled right now :0”

“Unlisted levels and the low detail mode options work in 2.11”

“Hmm 2.2 info… Well one thing is it will be out pretty quick after 2.11, thats good.”

“Secret: In 2.2 I am testing the idea of fly modes without roof or floor, so you have no limits.”

“I can add a ‘select All in GroupID’ for 2.2”

08 august 2017 RobTop comments on daily levels stating that Update 2.11 will have more stuff to buy in the shops, and more treasures in the Treasure Room.

21 May 2017: Robtop announces on Knobbleboy’s stream that 2.11 is almost ready.

RobTop has plans for more Gauntlets in 2.11. He also mentions that 2.11 will re-enable high-quality textures (for Steam users), and a new “Favorites” folder where players can sort their favorite levels. In response to the abuse of dislike/like/download/rate bots, RobTop has confirmed a new anti-bot system for 2.11.


Randy News Ep2: May 2017

Top story: Knobbelboy has just damaged himself even further. About 9 months after first making progress on Bloodlust, the Geometry Dash legend crashed at 97% on the level. Then, just ten minutes later, Knobbelboy crashed at 98 percent, making both the worst 2 fails in GD history.

More news: The trending section has been broken because of likebotters and hackers.

Reviewing Demon Levels

So I went to this site and looked at some of the demon levels on it. Seemed interesting. What I did was play some of the levels:

— Ice Cave is a 1 on the list. Seems easy? No. RobTop has it listed at medium demon. I got 41 attempts on a practice run. I disagree with the list as I would call it more of a 2 or 3.

— The Lightning Road is a pretty annoying but easy demon which I got 11 attempts on in practice. I agree with the list.

Well, fml.

— GW Russia is a very hard medium demon which I got 60 attempts on in practice. I disagree with the list as I say it would be just higher up.