New Levels In The Works

Wicked Factory (music is Hate Everything by Xtrullor) is a medium demon that is being verified by me.

Supersilence (music is Surface by DimRain47) is an auto extreme demon.

D A R K N E S S (music is Dark Dragon Fire by F-777) is an auto extreme demon as well but should appear slightly harder than Supersilence.

SpeedRun (music is Headrush by NK) is another auto extreme demon that should look much harder than Supersilence and D A R K N E S S.

Ladykiller (music is Lady Killer by Dex Arson) is a hard level that is possibly going to be a Nine Circles map.

R A I N D R O P (music is Sweet Dreams by NK) is a Nine Circles level that should be slightly easier than H3LL (a very easy unrated demon).

KBXXOZLS (music is When Two Zeroes Become an Eight by ClutchBassist) is an upcoming level.

01000111 01000100 (music is Code Red by DrPhonics) is an extremely impossible silent level that should appear to be, if it were not auto, much harder than Bloodlust, BoJ, Yatagarasu, Sonic Wave, etc. with VERY EXTREMELY INHUMANE TIMINGS AND DIFFICULTIES.

Anubis (music is Anubis by EnV) is a hard level that will be verified by me.

Turn Back Right Now (music is Phobos by Solkrieg) is a potential insane demon that will be verified by me.

E krazy (music is unknown) is a hard level that will be verified by me and possibly will be a collab.