Geometry Dash Statistics

This is my stats!

Featured levels: zero

Demons beaten: Vortex Haven (now downgraded but not beaten on main account), The Nightmare, The Lightning Road, Demon Mixed, and X Park (when it was hacked)

Progress on demons: 22% on Freedom, 54% on Clubstep, 83 to 100 on Cataclysm, 85 to 100 on Conical Depression (original and self buffed versions), 89 to 100 on Horror Hate, 50% on Crescendo, 81 to 96 on Acropolis

Other major progress: 41% on Electrodynamix, 45% on Geometrical Dominator, 50% on Fingerdash, 25% on Deadlocked, several major runs on Vortex

Stars: 1110

User Coins: 330+

Secret Coins: 31

Map Packs Completed: three

Diamonds: 6600+

Star rated levels: zero

Total vaults completed: 1/15

Vault level completions: 9/75

Monster freed: no

Keys gotten: two of three

Monitor: 60hz

Account Type: Registered

Preferred key: Up arrow

Last updated: 11-04-2018 08:44AM EST