Level News Update

Wicked Factory is very painful. I haven’t even reached the final wave in Normal Mode yet. It has been over 1200 attempts, including practice runs, testing beta versions, and trying so hard to beat the level. Not only that, but I’ve verified R A I N D R O P S, a simple but difficult Nine Circles level. I’m also working on:

— D A R K N E S S, a silent level

— An unknown Nine Circles level, currently under the placeholder name “Extremes”

— Crystal Gulf, an upcoming demon

— An upcoming demon with unknown statistics

— Deadly Night, a difficult level

— Colourless, a collab with eight other real life friends

— The Eight Game, an eight minute long megacollab, this one featuring 18 others

— E I G H T, another WIP eight minute level

— 01000111 01000100, a silent level which means GD in binary

— Turn Back Right Now, a demon level

— Afternoon Nightmare, a silent level

— Supersilence, a silent level

— Ladykiller, a possible Nine Circles level

— KBXXOZLS, a hard level which means power in hexadecimal

— SpeedRun, a silent level