GD Progress List Ep1: 29 Jun 2017

Creator News

DollarC released a preview of a new level (not his) called Killbot

Insane Demon Progress

MateoZero got 70% on Cataclysm

rodrigira got 78% on Ultrasonic

ZamJacket got 72% on Black Ice X on mobile

ZamJacket got 26% on Right Out on mobile

Insane Demon Completion

Wooshi beat The Dungeon

Luqualizer beat Geminorum

Enzuu beat Nine Deaths

Enzuu beat Breakthrough

Enzeux beat New Cataclysm

Xtreme732 beat Primal Redux

BestNick beat Ultimate Demon Mix

GuitarHeroStyles beat Jajagarasu

ElMato SWAG beat Psychosis

Quiver GD beat The Dungeon

Eagle Playss beat New Cataclysm

Mystrz500 beat Colourful Overnight

Kelos beat New Cataclysm

Edstar beat New Cataclysm

ToshDeluxe beat Antique Circles

Zylenox beat New Cataclysm

Enzeux beat Old Cataclysm

Wooshi beat Love Baba

Wooshi beat Hi

Wooshi beat Hyperchasm

Extreme Demon Progress

Nthn2a got 36% on Devil Vortex

GD Hexi got 72% on Hypersonic

MLGPhoenix got 32% on Allegiance

Sunix got 80% on Devil Vortex

Acharne got 89% on Sound Wave Destroyer

Danifamton got 33 to 100 on Bloodbath

Titan33 got 66% on ICDX

Polygon Donut got 13% on Minions

xander556 got 43% on Artificial Ideology

Cenos got 28% on Erebus

AgiLity GMD got 40% on ICDX

Edstar got 69% on Phobos

SuperKidVN got 44% on Bloodbath

StarXD got 95% on Bloodbath

DahBlock got 61% on Bloodbath

Scorpion GD got 79% on Hypersonic

RicoLP got 50% on Devil Vortex

Xmerritt got 55% on A Bizarre Phantasm

Extreme Demon Completion

DiamondSplash beat Conical Depression

Circles GD beat Twisted Tranquility on 60Hz

Spaces is the first Japanese player to beat Bloodbath

Enzuu beat Allegiance

HackMan617 beat A Bizarre Phantasm

DiamondSplash beat Breakout

Kevtom beat Erebus

DiamondSplash beat Twisted Tranquility

Duxx beat A Bizarre Phantasm

Kronno Zomber beat Aftermath

Wooshi beat Novalis

Slickman beat Allegiance

Aviila beat A Bizarre Phantasm

Traxil GD beat Bloodbath

SrGuillester beat Twisted Tranquility

Hotball beat Conical Depression

Dorami beat Hypersonic

DiamondSplash beat Audio Extraction

Other News

StarXD has cleared up drama with Mr Happy Junior but will still ban you on Twitch if you mention the Exposing series. They will also both delete their Exposing videos soon.