Random NFL Things

NFL Teams with at least two QBs with 10+ passing TDs in a season (since 1990):

  • 2018 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston (14) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (17)
  • 2014 Philadelphia Eagles: Nick Foles (13) and Mark Sanchez (14)
  • 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Glennon (10) and Josh McCown (11)
  • 2013 Chicago Bears: Josh McCown (13) and Jay Cutler (19)
  • 2012 San Francisco 49ers: Colin Kaepernick (10) and Alex Smith (13)
  • 2010 Tennessee Titans: Vince Young (10) and Kerry Collins (14)
  • 2006 Philadelphia Eagles: Jeff Garcia (10) and Donovan McNabb (18)
  • 2000 Saint Louis Rams: Trent Green (16) and Kurt Warner (21)
  • 1999 Tennessee Titans: Neil ODonnell (10) and Steve McNair (12)
  • 1998 Denver Broncos: Bubby Brister (10) and John Elway (22)
  • 1996 Arizona Cardinals: Boomer Esiason (11) and Kent Graham (12)
  • 1994 Detroit Lions: Scott Mitchell (10) and Dave Krieg (14)
  • 1994 Washington Redskins: Heath Shuler (10) and John Friesz (10)
  • 1991 San Francisco 49ers: Steve Bono (11) and Steve Young (17)
  • 1990 Detroit Lions: Bob Gagliano (10) and Rodney Peete (13)

New level in the works

THREE DIMENSIONAL is my first level to strongly utilize the 3D outline blocks for their intended purpose: to make the blocks appear to be 3D. The level is expected to be 59 seconds long and use the song Intercept II by DJ Nate. Difficulty is expected to be no harder than an easy demon to make verification faster. There is going to be only one coin (like with Polargeist Redux) as opposed to having three like with most of my other levels (i.e. F E D O R A, Truth Or Dare, Low Effort Spoop). The current object count is over 3300, though I’m most likely going to end up eclipsing 10k when I finish decorating the level. I have not put it in yet, but I’m going to also decorate it with glow. I am going to want to verify the level myself, but it’s probably going to be put on hold until I verify Polargeist Redux and Truth Or Dare.

The colour scheme is in the range of the reds, oranges, and purples. There is a memory section around halfway through in a cube part but the 3D lines flash a different colour depending on if the block is real or not (flashes green briefly if it is a good block and does not flash otherwise). I am going to make sure the level has great decoration to increase its chances of getting rated. There is an option to remove the glow in the level.

For the coin you have to hit six toggle orbs in the first cube part, which changes the background colour after the drop, and then unlocks another toggle orb to hit in the cube section. Touching this then makes you mini in the next ship part afterwards. You then become invisible in the memory section. Finally you unlock the coin at the end after hitting an extra orb in the last ball section. After this you have to jump into a platform that has been unblocked (since it was previously blocked off from entering) that allows you to collect the coin, followed by hitting an invisible block, and you have to make a final jump from there.

UPDATE: The level is fully decorated and awaiting verification. There was a bug in the spider and first wave sections but I fixed them both.

NFL Potential Roster Changes (Week Six)

  • Mark Ingram to the Buccaneers
    • The Saints already have their future at RB with Alvin Kamara, plus the Bucs rank dead last in rushing yards per attempt, so Ingram would be a nice fit. He would most likely be an instant starter.
  • Julian Edelman to the Bills
    • Buffalo ranks last in passing yards and completions. Edelman has, however, missed all of 2017 with injury, so it’s unknown how much he would play.
  • Brock Osweiler to the Panthers
    • Newton is great, but the team tends to falter when he’s not playing. Osweiler would be a decent placeholder for the team.
  • Kapri Bibbs to the Vikings
    • Minnesota has yet to score a rushing touchdown this year. Bibbs is more of a fullback despite his size, but he’d definitely benefit from extra playing time.
  • Seth DeValve to the Cardinals
    • Arizona ranks last in total yardage, so adding DeValve could be helpful in both the run and pass game. It’s uncertain if they want to start him over Ricky Seals-Jones, but he’d easily beat out Gabe Holmes.
  • Matt Schaub to the 49ers
    • San Francisco lost Jimmy Garoppolo for the year, and CJ Beathard isn’t exactly a quality starter. Schaub has plenty of experience and could probably help ride the Niners to a playoff berth.

NFL 2016 Redraft

Note: this is all given how these players are currently performing and based on which teams needed what positions. Draft position is based on the final result of the 2016 NFL Draft with trades and penalties factored in. First round only. Continue reading

Level Information

  • My current focus is to verify Polargeist Redux and The Kappa Zone. I am going to find a verifier for F E D O R A as well as new ones for FEEDBACC and Knock Circles.
  • I am also working quite hard on some other projects:
    • The SJW
      • Length: XXXL
      • Difficulty: Ultimate Demon
      • Song: Crazy Beauties by Diabarha
    • Silence (WIP)
      • Length: XL
      • Difficulty: Ultimate Demon
      • Song: Pure Silence by Dustrict
    • Weeping Demon
      • Length: Long
      • Difficulty: Extreme Demon
      • Song: Weeping Demon by NemesisTheory
    • Other projects TBD
  • Sometime last week I managed to get 61 on Polargeist Redux plus I extended the level slightly and bumped it up from 7850 to 9000 objects in total.