NFL 2016 Redraft

Note: this is all given how these players are currently performing and based on which teams needed what positions. Draft position is based on the final result of the 2016 NFL Draft with trades and penalties factored in. First round only. Continue reading

Level Information

  • My current focus is to verify Polargeist Redux and The Kappa Zone. I am going to find a verifier for F E D O R A as well as new ones for FEEDBACC and Knock Circles.
  • I am also working quite hard on some other projects:
    • The SJW
      • Length: XXXL
      • Difficulty: Ultimate Demon
      • Song: Crazy Beauties by Diabarha
    • Silence (WIP)
      • Length: XL
      • Difficulty: Ultimate Demon
      • Song: Pure Silence by Dustrict
    • Weeping Demon
      • Length: Long
      • Difficulty: Extreme Demon
      • Song: Weeping Demon by NemesisTheory
    • Other projects TBD
  • Sometime last week I managed to get 61 on Polargeist Redux plus I extended the level slightly and bumped it up from 7850 to 9000 objects in total.