Jitter Click Boss Lol

So I recently got a new fast clicker (link here) and I wanted to test it out.

My clicks per second (CPS) was different in several websites but the best I got was between 199.67 (5990 clicks in 30 seconds) and 200.1 CPS.

Planned GD Megacollab

Song: Call on Me by Eric Prydz

Rating: Easy or Medium Demon

Levels password must be 909090

The parts are as followed:

0:00 to 0:15: [open]

0:15 to 0:31: [open]

0:31 to 0:46: Me (RandyR)

0:46 to 1:01: [open]

1:01 to 1:16: [open]

1:16 to 1:31: [open]

1:31 to 1:39: [open]

1:39 to 1:54: [open]

1:54 to 2:09: [open]

2:09 to 2:24: [open]

2:24 to 2:40: [open]

To enter you must DM me on Discord what part you want, what your GDPS username is, and your normal GD username.