Randy News Ep. 1: March 1st, 2017

Top news today is the verification process of Wicked Factory. It should be a hard demon at verification. Plenty of nerfing and buffing went into this level. Link to GD Fan Wiki info is here.

Wicked Factory on February 26th.
Verification of Extreme Challenge B
Extreme Challenge A
Practice run on February 28th.


More news is found if you look at the fact that I am planning on making a level called “SpeedRun.” It will have music of Headrush by NK and will be an auto extreme demon with an offset of 20┬áseconds (around the first drop buildup). More info when that is ready.

Levels To Expect Soon

These are just some of the levels to be on the lookout for in the future:

— Wicked Factory by RandyR777 (Medium Demon)

— Extreme Challenge C by RandyR777 (Easy)

— D A R K N E S S by RandyR777 (Auto Extreme Demon)

— Retro Themed┬áLevel by RandyR777 (Unknown)

— Very Difficult Level by RandyR777 (Unknown)

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